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Alessandro Oggioni from the Laboratory of Aquatic Botany at ISE, Italy, created two nice videos of analysis and visualization of biologic data. The data retrieval is based on sos4R, the visualization is done with RGL, which creates a great 3-dimensional view of the data, and GoogleVIS, which allows presentation of the data with the Google Visualization API in a browser with Javascript.

Good work! I look forward to more examples of how the raw result data from SOS can be processed into actual information.

This post is not about sos4R, but about an exciting project of some colleagues of mine here at ifgi. And in the (remote?) future, I think sos4R and this particular project can work together very interestingly!

I’m talking about the ifgicopter, a Mikrocopter platform equipped with a variety of sensors like a camera (for automated aerial photography) and in-situ sensors – the latter being a very interesting data source. The goal is to load a GPS track into the device which then automatically follows this path and takes photos or collects other data, of which some will be instantaneously published via the usual suspects of SWE services, SES and SOS. Of course they have a lot more ideas for the future…

In my opinion this would be a great use-case to test out the usability and show the power of an R package to query a sensor observation service, as the regular updates require repeated querying for new data. I expect that highly reusable R code can be very effective to create the same graphics again and again with constantly updated data.

Check out their Youtube video, and also a presentation at Wo-Kongress 2010 (in German).