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I came across a very interesting white paper (to be published by the OGC in the current EarthCube development) by Ben Domenico today that does not use the term reproducible research, but pretty much talks about it in the realm of using the web for interactive scientific publications. It has some good arguments and many links to other resources – one of them the SOS, but also ERDDAP or Dryad, to name just two.

I think there are some great opportunities here to use sos4R in a web environment that I’d really like to explore, i.e. integration with RServe and/or WPS. More on that in the future!

Read the full paper:

Abstract: Imagine a scientific environment in which authors create online publications that allow readers to access, analyze, and display the data and processes discussed in the publication.  Rudimentary examples of such documents can already be cobbled together using existing technological tools in conjunction with the appropriate interface standards. Working together, the science, technology and publishing communities can build on these foundations to develop sophisticated cyber- and organizational infrastructure that will revolutionize how scientists and science educators interact with one another and with the general public.   The idea is simple: the reader of a publication will have access not only to the datasets under discussion but also to the processes used by the author to carry out the analysis and display of those datasets. The reader will be able to repeat the experiment as it is published, or perform related experiments by using different datasets or different processes.

From the beginning of sos4R I had to struggle with difficulties in two areas (amongst others): generality and flexibility/versions.

Generality and Specifications. I implement a client for a web service. But the SOS specification does not come as a single document, because it references other specifications, most importantly for me up to now: OWS Common, a specification for common operations among OGC web services; the often mentioned Observations & Measurements. And then there are GML, SensorML and SWE Common.

So how do I represent this division in the code? And do I represent it at all? Read the rest of this entry »