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The release 0.2 was supposed to be a major improvement, but there were some problems with the Vignette, still. Mainly because it relied on downloading files from web servers, which again and again caused the package to get warnings on CRAN. Now, the vignette contains an option to rely on files stored in the folder along with it – I honestly doubt that this is a good practice, but I couldn’t find a better solution so far.

But of course there also was a bug introduced with some changes that were supposed to be  bug fixes in version 0.2 and 0.2-01 … anyway, here is an updated package: release 0.2-2, now on CRAN. I am very glad to actually have decent results in the checks across several systems.

From the CHANGES file:
* Fixed in sosGetCRS(...) which breaks if there is no bounding box given in an offering, broke even plot funktion.
* Extended saveOrginal parameter, now it also accepts file names to be used for the document to be saved.
* Extended parsing of SensorML, adding slots for all parsed elements
* Added parsing of exception reports to parseFile(...)
* Based vignette completely on dowloaded files for releases

* Added rudimentary support for KML responses (no parsing)
* Changed parser detection, now uses mime type, too. This changes parser exchangeability for known mime types!
* Added attribute to observations (if response is saved) with file name (sosAttributeFileName)
* Added %\VignetteDepends{xtable} to vignette and depedency xtable as well - got NOTEd for that in R 2.13 checks

With the new release version 0.1-10 the package sos4R is now available on CRAN:

With the vignette finally finished to a reasonable state, I felt it was time to do the next important step in writing R packages. The package was also tested with the current R release 2.12. So go ahead an try it out – installation just became a lot easier, documentation became a lot better.

# go to R console:

But as documentation is never actually finished, please let me know if you find errors or missing elements, especially when accessing descriptions of individual functions etcetera apart from the vignette.

I will also decide in the future how the download section on this website is maintained: Keep a mirror? Use it for minor fixes that have to be out fast? Just use the archive? Abandon it? We will see.