Tdoday I made a new release, version 0.2-9. There were some substantial changes under the hood regarding the vignette, but nothing that justified a minor version increase for users. Looking forward to your comments!

Excerpt from the NEWS file:

Changes in sos4R Version 0.2-9 – 2012-08-08

  • ADDED error handling for plotting methods so that plot(sos) does not break if one offering cannot be coerced to spatial
  • ADDED ‘ug/m3’ and ‘’ to known list of fields > converted with sosConvertDouble and sosConvertString respectively
  • FIXED weathersos demo
  • MOVED vignette to now suggested directory vignettes/, see
  • CHANGED DESCRIPTION file: moved xtable to Suggests – section, set ByteCompile: TRUE, added Authors@R (, changed minumum R version to 2.14.0
  • UPDATED cheat sheet and vignette: added link to Bugzilla
  • ADDED minor improvements for sensor description parsing and coecion: sosCoordinates(SensorML) tries to handle ‘easting’/’northing’, ‘longitude’/’latitude’, and ‘elevation’/’altitude’ coordinates and subsequently plotting does not break if ‘x’/’y’ are not given.
  • ADDED function to reset the parsers to default: sos <- SosResetParsingFunctions(sos)

CRAN also had some new policies – well, new to me at least – which caused the process to be more labour-intensive, sadly not only for me. So don’t forget to check before submitting!

Download the package from CRAN now :-).