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I “restarted” my work on sos4R, after almost two weeks where other stuff came first, with some often delayed maintenance work such as: writing print and show methods (the latter just pointing to print, I have to admit ­čÖé ), introducing verbose parameters throughout the operations, updating Eclipse (to Helios) and StatET (testing version as described here).

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I changed from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux two years ago with version 8.04 – Hardy Heron, and it still runs like a charm today. I’ve never really used Linux before, and I didn’t want to hack around on the console much (that has changed ­čśë ) so I liked the idea of a Linux “for human beings” and was attracted by the LTS, the long term support, as well. But I look forward to the shortly upcoming “Lucid Lynx”. And one side note: I still use Windows, and IMHO Windows 7 is really good operating system.

However, back to the point!

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