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A very interesting read can be found in the New Yorker about (validity of) statistical/scientific methods, and publishing their results, summing up to a “decline effect”, which is illustrated by the following example:

One of the first demonstrations of this mysterious phenomenon Read the rest of this entry »

The idea of reproducibility in research is fundamental, and I’d like to share some links if you haven’t heard of reproducible research yet:

If you want to get into it then R is a great choice because it is already fit for reproducible research. Just go to CRAN and check out the task view on reproducible research.

The original idea behind sos4R was very much inspired by the chance to use near-real time information and still allow reproducibility. If you think about using sos4R but don’t have high experiences with OGC Sensor Observation Services (SOS), let me know – I’m looking for good use cases for demos and publication.