A new version of sos4R is uploaded to CRAN as source and should be available soon as binary releases (Windows users – please be patient as always). It is a bugfix release which also includes some small extensions to the vignette. From the NEWS file:

Changes in sos4R Version 0.2-10 – 2012-11-19

  • ADDED function sosCapabilitiesUrl to generate a capabilities request URL in KVP encoding to include in Documentation, e.g. Sweave
  • FIXED rgdal dependency by adding it to suggests list in DESCRIPTION
  • FIXED pegel demo, now using the actual PegelOnline web service
  • FIXED a NOTE about partial argument match in getObservation,SOS_1.0.0 for ‘offering’ to ‘offeringId’: had to use the correct name offeringId when calling .getObservation_1.0.0(…)
  • EXTENDED documentation: added reference to cheat sheet in Vignette, added subsection “Quick Start” to Introduction

The source code is available in the SVN under revision 2213.