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After version 0.1-12 got lost in the development process, yesterday version 0.1-13 was released on CRAN and today the binary builds are available. The release contains quite a few bug fixes and also some useful new features like plotting, which is based on converting objects to Spatial objects from the package sp.

Furthermore demos were extended considerably, especially airquality and southesk, with plotting, data fusion and coercion examples. All this, naturally, is documented well in the vignette, too.

Allow me a little anecdote from programming this release: Read the rest of this entry »

I intended to do a nice demo with CSIRO’s South Esk Testbed. But I got stuck with a long planned feature – the plotting of offerings and SOS. So this is what this demo is about now, and additionally it shows how to combine measurements of different SOSs and convert these to sp objects for further analysis. Below is a map of the available sensors.

CSIRO South Esk Testbed Map

It must be noted that the focus of the demo is on data consolidation and plotting. The demo contains code for two Kriging examples using the gstat and automap packages, which sadly I did not get to work yet. These analyses are not necessarily sensible!

Try it out:



Some example plots:

The demo will be in a soon to be released new version of sos4R, but the documentation needs to be updated before uploading it to CRAN. Read the rest of this entry »