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From the beginning of sos4R I had to struggle with difficulties in two areas (amongst others): generality and flexibility/versions.

Generality and Specifications. I implement a client for a web service. But the SOS specification does not come as a single document, because it references other specifications, most importantly for me up to now: OWS Common, a specification for common operations among OGC web services; the often mentioned Observations & Measurements. And then there are GML, SensorML and SWE Common.

So how do I represent this division in the code? And do I represent it at all? Read the rest of this entry »

I write a work-logbook. It often helps me to resolve issues I know I had before, and allows me to look back and see what I did when, and how. It also helps me a lot to try to write down every day what I actually accomplished, and if not, why.

Why do I write about that now? Because when I opened it today, the last entry was for the 15th of  July. That’s A LONG TIME AGO. I was actually busy, partly working (OGC discussion papers for SOR and SIR – contact me if you want to know more!) and partly travelling (a little bit, but not too much…), so it’s not that bad, but still. Anyway: I want to get the project finished in September and will be working almost full time for sos4R in the next weeks.

Here are some milestones (just from the top of my head, so subject to change) I’d like to take: Read the rest of this entry »