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From the beginning of sos4R I had to struggle with difficulties in two areas (amongst others): generality and flexibility/versions.

Generality and Specifications. I implement a client for a web service. But the SOS specification does not come as a single document, because it references other specifications, most importantly for me up to now: OWS Common, a specification for common operations among OGC web services; the often mentioned Observations & Measurements. And then there are GML, SensorML and SWE Common.

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Most of my work goes into parsing and encoding XML files. Luckily, there is a good package available for that in R that I can use. And have to, really, as it is the only one! It is duly titled XML and available on CRAN: Luckily, the package is available under a BSD license, so no trouble regarding that. There are a bunch of helpful documents with extensive examples available on the project website at


Nevertheless, let me show you a little code snippet on how I use it, and that is the parsing of an Exception Report as defined in OWS common (OGC Web Services Common). These are my first steps, so I don’t claim this is done cleverly.

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