One motivation for the SOS4R plugin is reproducible research – and what data could be more appropriate than the question of climate change? I am certainly not saying that all problems (“Climategate“) could be helped with making analysis simpler just because data is easily accessible… but hopefully some!

My two use cases (excerpt from application) that I will base one temperature data are:

First, a researcher wants to use temporally ordered univariate data to create a forecast based on an ARIMA model. She uses the package forecast to achieve her goal.

Second, a point pattern analysis shall be performed. The user wants to analyse covariate effects of spatially distributed data. She uses the package spatstat. An analysis from the workshop paper “Analysing spatial point patterns in R” by Adrian Baddeley is carried out.

Natually, I am not a climate researcher, but nevertheless I’d like to see whether I can make my own temperature model of the earth based on publically available data and Open Source software. Read the rest of this entry »