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I intended to do a nice demo with CSIRO’s South Esk Testbed. But I got stuck with a long planned feature – the plotting of offerings and SOS. So this is what this demo is about now, and additionally it shows how to combine measurements of different SOSs and convert these to sp objects for further analysis. Below is a map of the available sensors.

CSIRO South Esk Testbed Map

It must be noted that the focus of the demo is on data consolidation and plotting. The demo contains code for two Kriging examples using the gstat and automap packages, which sadly I did not get to work yet. These analyses are not necessarily sensible!

Try it out:



Some example plots:

The demo will be in a soon to be released new version of sos4R, but the documentation needs to be updated before uploading it to CRAN. Read the rest of this entry »

I tried to find a nice solution for cross building my package for different platforms – well, for Windows mostly. I do not want to dig into R source code or compile R myself and stuff like that. Luckily, I found a good looking explanation shot explanation on the page for contributed documentation, but sadly I did not (!) get it to work. It is called “Building Microsoft Windows Versions of R and R packages under Intel Linux” by Jun Yan and A. J. Rossini, and comes with a PDF and a makefile. But the latter relies on resources that are no longer available online. That would/could have been great… I wrote an Email to the authors, but I did not get any response in the last two weeks. I don’t recommend to spend time on that.

Any suggestions? Anyone?

So, eventually I just compile my releases on Windows. I will also try to publish the package on CRAN sooner than later, but I would really like to have some more documentation (meaning a proper Vignette) and a little bit more testing (meaning other people trying it).

[Edit: I found win-builder, a website for building and checking R source packages for Windows, and it seems to work just fine!]

Documentation of code is like… well, like all those thinks where everybody knows how important it is but still it’s rarely done properly because it is so much work. Anyways, that’s what I’m doing this week.

Naturally I don’t get everything right the first time. I created the user documentation files (.Rd) using the package.skeleton function, which created hundreds of files, for example one for every constant that I export. Crazy! So I dug into how-to documents and  “documentation about documentation”, and rearranged a lot of information. The skeleton of a package vignette is laid out, too. More soon here.

I also started a Wiki page for developer documentation. So everybody who is not scared by checking out code from a SVN can go to the following site and get started right away: