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I most certainly should use a different system to save this link, but anyway, here is a recommendation (and reminder for myself) of a good video tutorial of how to develop packages for R using the command line, Eclipse & StatET and source code management:

Los Angeles useR meetup (Oct 25, 2011): R packages, development & productivity tools

Turn on HD to see the code better!

Many thanks to Szilard Pafka and Jeroen Ooms who provide this presentation.

Documentation of code is like… well, like all those thinks where everybody knows how important it is but still it’s rarely done properly because it is so much work. Anyways, that’s what I’m doing this week.

Naturally I don’t get everything right the first time. I created the user documentation files (.Rd) using the package.skeleton function, which created hundreds of files, for example one for every constant that I export. Crazy! So I dug into how-to documents and  “documentation about documentation”, and rearranged a lot of information. The skeleton of a package vignette is laid out, too. More soon here.

I also started a Wiki page for developer documentation. So everybody who is not scared by checking out code from a SVN can go to the following site and get started right away: