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This is a bugfix release to get the package back on CRAN since it was kicked out because of using the deprecated .find.packages(). This function was used in the helper functions sosCheatSheet(), sosChanges()and sosNews() to open up the cheat sheet document and CHANGES/NEWS files from R command line and is now replaced by find.packages(), which is part of the actual public API.

My apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay – R 3.0.0 is really the version to use right now – but I wanted to get some other bugs fixed and some new features in for the next release, which did not work out so far.

As a lesson from this I now created a proper SVN structure with a branch 0.3 for the current development and reverted the trunk to the version currently on CRAN: This will allow future bugfixing without interfering with currently broken development versions.

A new bugfix release is available for download, which is also available as a Windows Binary. An excerpt from the CHANGES file:

  • Added more units of measurement to default list based on
  • Added sosDefaultColumnNameFeatureIdentifier as default and used it in sosCoordinates() and set it to “features” so that it automatically matches the field name in 52N SOSs
  • Added column names for lat, lon and SRS name as defaults
  • Added SosSupportedServiceVersions()
  • Fixed check for DescribeSensor
  • Fix in .getObservation_1.0.0 if empty observation collection is returned (error summing up the result lengths)
  • Added names function for OmObservation, OmMeasurement, and OmObservationCollection
  • Added URLs/skeletons for new demos
  • Added @boundedBy for OmObservationCollection