sos4R – release packages

Binary and source releases can be downloaded as on CRAN:

For installation, use the usual function in the R console:

> install.packages("sos4R")

Getting Started

The best way to get started using sos4R is the Vignette and the Demos.

> library("sos4R")
> vignette("sos4R")
> sosCheatSheet()
> demo(package = "sos4R")

Start reading form the beginning if you are new to the Sensor Web, or jump directly to chapter 8 – Getting Started.

sos4R – cheat sheet

One page of documentation for the most important features and functions: the sos4r cheat sheet version 3. Or directly in R via the following commands:

> library("sos4R")
> sosCheatSheet()

sos4R – source

You can download and browse the source of the sos4R package directly from the 52° North GitHub organisation:

See the developer documentation at the 52North Wiki for detailed information on how to use the checked out source project: