A list of SOS instances that I regularly use for testing and which have been tested with sos4R – but not necessarily more than a GetCapabilities. But some of these services have been extensively tested for (or because of) the creation of a demo for the package. In that case you can directly see what the services offer, just type


demo("<demo name>")

  • WeatherSOS [demo: weathersos] has weather data for Münster, Germany: http://v-swe.uni-muenster.de:8080/WeatherSOS/sos
  • PegelOnlineSOSv2 has water gauges all over Germany: http://v-sos.uni-muenster.de:8080/PegelOnlineSOSv2/sos
  • Air Quality Europe [demo: airquality] provides air quality information for parts of Europe based on the AirBase dataset by the EEA: http://giv-uw.uni-muenster.de:8080/AQE/sos
  • ClimateSOS provides historical temperature data from all over the world based on the ds570.0 dataset: http://giv-sos.uni-muenster.de:8080/ClimateSOS
  • The South Esk test bed [demo: southesk] by CSIRO provides enviromental data: http://wron.net.au/BOM_SOS/sos, http://wron.net.au/CSIRO_SOS/sos and http://wron.net.au/DPIW_SOS/sos
  • WW6 has NOAA Weather data from EC 08: http://ww6.geoenterpriselab.com:8080/SOS_Weather/sos
  • Oceanwatch Pysos has NOAA/SWFSC/ERD data… (GET only): http://oceanwatch.pfeg.noaa.gov/pysos/sos_mysql2.py
  • ADES database provides French Groundwater level data (GET only): http://sosades.brgm.fr/REST/sos. This seems really interesting, data is spread all over France – see this related presentation.
  • IOOS® SOS [demo: ioos, under construction] (homepage) has a lot of interesting data by the National Data Buoy Center (see also the IOOS Catalog). It has a variety of response formats (GML, CSV, TSV or KML), of which CSV is supported via responseFormat = "text/csv" in GetObservation requests: http://sdf.ndbc.noaa.gov/sos/server.php
  • Coastlab SOS [demo: coastlab] (GEOSS service description) provides data from COSYNA (please adhere to the data disclaimer, GET only): http://kopc02.gkss.de/sos/sos.py
  • MCLIMATIC provides climatic data for east of Spain: http://elcano.dlsi.uji.es:8080/SOS_MCLIMATIC/sos

The listed URL is the address that you can use in sos4R. You can also use the exploration capabilities of the 52°North Thin SWE Client. Please use the comments or contact me if you have more adresses for this list! And please also contact me if a service is down (for good), or should not be listed here. Thanks!

Note: I did not check the licenses or costs of these services, nor can I guarantee the fitness of both services and data for any purpose!

Unsupported or Untested Services

This list contains services which are not supported by sos4R or have not been tested yet (so, sort of a to-do-list, see script file referenced below). But they can be supported if you are interested – just let me know!

  • GoMC Gulfwatch Contaminant Data: http://www.gomoos.org/cgi-bin/sos/gulfwatch_sos.cgi
  • Regularly check GEOSS Registry, specify the “Referenced Classification Information Standard or Special Arrangement” to “… > Data Access > OGC Sensor Observation Service”.

Other Lists

  • The paper Empirical Study of Sensor Observation Services Server Instances by Alain Tamayo, Pablo Viciano, Carlos Granell and  Joaquín Huerta from the Institute of New Imaging Technologies at Universitat Jaume I, Spain, contains a list of tested SOS instances and can be downloaded here. (I only mention this paper for the services list and do not comment on the methodology nor conclusions.)
  • The script file testing-SOSs.R in the sos4R SVN contains (ongoing, but mostly planned only) tests with SOS URLs that appear anywhere. Most volatile but also most up to date list.