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Thanks to the busy people at 52°North IT, there now is a Bugzilla component for sos4R available that you can use to submit bugs or feature requests. Just open this link and select the component “sos4R” to file a bug, or browse existing bugs. Looking forward for your feedback!

Screenshort of 52N Bugzilla

The cheat sheet is available in an updated version for download. From version 0.1-16 of sos4R on (to be released soon!), you can also easily access the cheat sheet from an R console by calling the following function:


[A new version is available, please go here.]

Do you like concise documentation? Well, it doesn’t get any shorter than the new Cheat Sheet for sos4R available for download now. If you have basic skills in R and some knowledge about the OGC SOS, then this is all you need to get started. Or maybe this helps you to find the right utility function while building requests to a service.

cheat sheet preview

I publish this document under a Creative Commons license. Please feel free to change and improve it if you like. Alternatively, send me an email or leave a comment with suggestions for the next version.

With the new release version 0.1-10 the package sos4R is now available on CRAN:

With the vignette finally finished to a reasonable state, I felt it was time to do the next important step in writing R packages. The package was also tested with the current R release 2.12. So go ahead an try it out – installation just became a lot easier, documentation became a lot better.

# go to R console:

But as documentation is never actually finished, please let me know if you find errors or missing elements, especially when accessing descriptions of individual functions etcetera apart from the vignette.

I will also decide in the future how the download section on this website is maintained: Keep a mirror? Use it for minor fixes that have to be out fast? Just use the archive? Abandon it? We will see.

It will be a bit quiet around sos4R for the rest of the year, so I’d like to share some older work today, one of the first plots I made based on ifgi’s WeatherSOS.  It is now part of a demo of the package, so it’s very easy for you to produce it yourself, and the demo even contains another plot.

# load sos4R package

# start the demo

# press 'Enter' to go through the available plots

The first plot contains two lines showing the temperature in Münster and Kärnten for a week in August 2009:

WeatherSOS Temperatur in Münster and Kärnten

The second plot shows the station just in Münster for the month of September in 2010 together with a (polynomial) fitted line:

WeatherSOS Demo Plot 2, Temperatur in Münster with regression lineThere are more demos, which are currently the best way to get to know the package. Check them out!

Documentation of code is like… well, like all those thinks where everybody knows how important it is but still it’s rarely done properly because it is so much work. Anyways, that’s what I’m doing this week.

Naturally I don’t get everything right the first time. I created the user documentation files (.Rd) using the package.skeleton function, which created hundreds of files, for example one for every constant that I export. Crazy! So I dug into how-to documents and  “documentation about documentation”, and rearranged a lot of information. The skeleton of a package vignette is laid out, too. More soon here.

I also started a Wiki page for developer documentation. So everybody who is not scared by checking out code from a SVN can go to the following site and get started right away: