This is a bugfix release to get the package back on CRAN since it was kicked out because of using the deprecated .find.packages(). This function was used in the helper functions sosCheatSheet(), sosChanges()and sosNews() to open up the cheat sheet document and CHANGES/NEWS files from R command line and is now replaced by find.packages(), which is part of the actual public API.

My apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay – R 3.0.0 is really the version to use right now – but I wanted to get some other bugs fixed and some new features in for the next release, which did not work out so far.

As a lesson from this I now created a proper SVN structure with a branch 0.3 for the current development and reverted the trunk to the version currently on CRAN: This will allow future bugfixing without interfering with currently broken development versions.

sos4R is now on Ohloh:

Click on the “I use it’s” button to show that you use this software. Thanks!

PS: sos4R was kicked out of CRAN – I’m working on it. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and let me know if this is an issue for you.

A new version of sos4R is uploaded to CRAN as source and should be available soon as binary releases (Windows users – please be patient as always). It is a bugfix release which also includes some small extensions to the vignette. From the NEWS file:

Changes in sos4R Version 0.2-10 – 2012-11-19

  • ADDED function sosCapabilitiesUrl to generate a capabilities request URL in KVP encoding to include in Documentation, e.g. Sweave
  • FIXED rgdal dependency by adding it to suggests list in DESCRIPTION
  • FIXED pegel demo, now using the actual PegelOnline web service
  • FIXED a NOTE about partial argument match in getObservation,SOS_1.0.0 for ‘offering’ to ‘offeringId’: had to use the correct name offeringId when calling .getObservation_1.0.0(…)
  • EXTENDED documentation: added reference to cheat sheet in Vignette, added subsection “Quick Start” to Introduction

The source code is available in the SVN under revision 2213.

Tdoday I made a new release, version 0.2-9. There were some substantial changes under the hood regarding the vignette, but nothing that justified a minor version increase for users. Looking forward to your comments!

Excerpt from the NEWS file:

Changes in sos4R Version 0.2-9 – 2012-08-08

  • ADDED error handling for plotting methods so that plot(sos) does not break if one offering cannot be coerced to spatial
  • ADDED ‘ug/m3’ and ‘’ to known list of fields > converted with sosConvertDouble and sosConvertString respectively
  • FIXED weathersos demo
  • MOVED vignette to now suggested directory vignettes/, see
  • CHANGED DESCRIPTION file: moved xtable to Suggests – section, set ByteCompile: TRUE, added Authors@R (, changed minumum R version to 2.14.0
  • UPDATED cheat sheet and vignette: added link to Bugzilla
  • ADDED minor improvements for sensor description parsing and coecion: sosCoordinates(SensorML) tries to handle ‘easting’/’northing’, ‘longitude’/’latitude’, and ‘elevation’/’altitude’ coordinates and subsequently plotting does not break if ‘x’/’y’ are not given.
  • ADDED function to reset the parsers to default: sos <- SosResetParsingFunctions(sos)

CRAN also had some new policies – well, new to me at least – which caused the process to be more labour-intensive, sadly not only for me. So don’t forget to check before submitting!

Download the package from CRAN now :-).

It has been very quiet around sos4R in the last months, due to the fact that I am working on other projects now and I don’t have any feature requests coming my way at the moment – although there was the first bug report ever for sos4R, which was more a case of  “bad documentation” than a bug. But it is a signal that there are actual users out there!

“Smart innovations for a smarter world”

Despite of the lack of news regarding sos4R development I want to post here to advertise this years 52°North Student Innovation Prize. This prize made sos4R a reality two years ago and I can only recommend all students to think about innovative ideas, apply, and make them reality.


Thanks to the busy people at 52°North IT, there now is a Bugzilla component for sos4R available that you can use to submit bugs or feature requests. Just open this link and select the component “sos4R” to file a bug, or browse existing bugs. Looking forward for your feedback!

Screenshort of 52N Bugzilla